"Le Grand Casino"-Skopje is organizing tournaments in Texas Hold'em Poker.

The tournaments in Texas Hold`em Poker are being held at monday, tuesday and Thursday at 19.00 h, and Saturday at 17.00 h.

They are a part of Le Grand Poker League. Every player upon registering receives one point. Top five players receive 10 points for the first place, 8 points for the second, 6 points for the third, 4 points for the fourth and 2 points for the fifth place. The number of the prizes depends of the number of players registered for the tournament.

At monday and thursday the type of the tournament is NLHE (No Limit Hold`em) – unlimited rebuy, where players can make Rebuy whenever the sum of their chip stake goes under the initial 2500 chips. During the first break after the first hour of playing, players can make one ADD-ON and will receive 5000 chips.Also they can make one Rebuy.

At tuesday and saturday the type of the tournament is NLHE Freezeout + 1 Reentry during the first two hours of playing. At tuesday the initial chip stake is 7500 and at Saturday is 10000 chips.

Blinds are going up every 20 minutes.

Le Grand Casino – always fair game